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Natural hemp fabrics

A Polish manufacturer of hemp fabrics

It has been known for a long time that we specialize in creating natural fabrics, friendly to the environmentally and the users. Hemp fabrics are new to our offer. Hemp is recognized as one of the most efficient fiber plants in the world alongside linen. Centuries ago it was used to create the most durable products.

The growing trend in natural solutions

The ECO trend is one of the fastest growing trends in the textile industry. Caused by the increase of the final customer’s awareness of the positive effects of natural fabrics on their health and comfort during use. Hemp fabrics are also of high strength and have the germicide capacity. Find out about our offer.

Find out more about hemp fabrics from Polish Linen

We invite you to contact our hemp fabric specialists.
Dorota Jarmołowicz
Export Specialist
Mirosław Kiełbasa
Commercial Director